Instructions for Authors

Information for Contributors

Manuscripts should be submitted in Korean and English, and the presentation should be as succinct as possible. Manuscripts will be reviewed before decision for publication is made. Those accepted for publication will be edited for conformance to the style of KJOP.

1. Submission


Manuscripts should be submitted to KJOP Editorial Office through web. The process in submitting a manuscript to KJOP is to go online at, or


2. The Manuscript


Manuscript should be prepared in the following order: the title of the paper, names of authors and their affiliations, email address of the corresponding author, abstract, OCIS codes, keywords, main body of texts, appendix if any, acknowledgments, references, table captions, tables, figure captions, and figures and photographs. Authors are required to use 한글 or MS Word (.doc) for composing their manuscripts. Authors must submit the final version of their manuscript in a 한글 or Word file after the revision process. For a letter paper, the length should be within three pages including figures and tables when published.


2.1. Title page

The title, author(s) name(s), and the affiliation(s) should be typed on the first page.

2.2. Abstract

Every paper should include a brief and informative summary. This should not exceed 200 words.

2.3. Keywords

A maximum of five keywords should be listed at the end of the abstract.

2.4. OCIS codes

A maximum of five OCIS codes should be listed at the end of the abstract.

2.5. Main body

The main body of the text should start on a new page.

2.6. Acknowledgment

Acknowledgment follows the main text of the paper, and precedes the appendix and list of references.

2.7. References

The use of complete and properly formatted references is particularly important. KJOP uses numerical notation in brackets for bibliographic citations. At the point of citation within the main text, designate the reference by typing the number in after the last corresponding word [1]. Reference numbers should proceed a comma or period [2]. Two references [3,4], should be included together, separated by a comma, while three or more consecutive references should be indicated by the bounding numbers and a dash [1-4]. KJOP follows their own citation style. For a complete references, please follow the guidelines at

2.8. Tables and figures

Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively in the order of their appearance. They should appear on separate sheets and all captions should be listed on a separate sheet.


3. Publication Charge


The authors are requested to pay the publication charge of the following rate when their paper is accepted. This charge entitles the authors to receive 50 reprints.

- ₩30,000 (approximately US$25) / page


4. Subscription Fee


The members who want to subscribe the journal are requested to pay the subscription fee. The price for subscription of the print version is ₩40,000 (approximately US$35) annually.